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When you meet with a financial emergency and you need to borrow 1000 dollars fast by today, do you try to take out an easy approval personal loan from a bank or do you apply for same day payday loans with 90 days to pay back because you have bad credit? If you have good credit, you need not rely on high risk payday loans because there are cheaper alternatives for you in getting 1000 dollar personal loans. However, for people with bad credit, they do not have the luxury of getting low interest rate personal loans and most of the times, they need to turn to non-bank loan lenders, like payday loan companies and other private cash advance lenders to get a cash loan.

100% Real Lenders You Can Pay Slowly

There is nothing sinister about longer payment loans for people with bad credit. Despite the higher cost, these unsecured loans provide a way for those who have no access to mainstream credit to apply for a guaranteed legit cash advance. While these bad credit signature loans are not meant for long term borrowing, they should be able to assist you with your temporary cash problems without rushing you for payments.

3 Month Installment Loans

However, what if you have bad credit and you need an installment loan of 1000 dollars for 3 months? Short term payday loans are not able to meet that criteria since they are most 14 day cash advance or at best, give you a 30 day personal loan with no cosigner needed. If you need cash loans with 90 days to pay back, the other alternative is to look for installment payday loans with fast processing.

Payday Installment Loan Lenders

Payday installment loan lenders are basically offering the same type of loans as payday loans, except that these loans allow you to make monthly repayments. You can slowly pay it back over fixed payments of, say, 300 dollars per month for a 2000 dollar loan over 6 installments.

Monthly Payday Loans With 90 Day Payback

If you decide to get a payday loan with 90 days to pay back, our advise is to borrow only as much as you can truly afford. Don’t overstretch yourself assuming you have the means to service a 3000 dollar installment loan for 6 months when you only earn a thousand dollar every month. Analyze your living expenses versus your salary to see how much disposable income you have before you commit.

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